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Psychodynamic Therapy
Relational Therapy
Feminist Therapy


Do you notice that you are not able to move through life with ease, becoming irritable or tired when presented with a challenge?

Confused about how to get through a transition or difficult period in your life?

Sometimes life presents us with feelings or situations that seem overwhelming or unmanageable. 

At times you may need extra support. 

Therapy provides a space to explore all that life throws your way.  Therapy can help you get to know your inner world and feelings (even the stuff you imagine you will not like).  You will learn about how you interact with your outer world and the people in it.  Often looking at feelings or circumstances with the help of a fresh pair of eyes and ears opens you up to new ways of understanding.

I believe in curiosity and exploration of feelings with as little judgment as possible.  It’s not about fixing yourself or “beating yourself up,”  but rather learning about what makes you tick and how to best navigate through and cope with challenging situations.  

I provide a safe and caring environment in which to get to know yourself better.

I work in a manner that encourages consideration of the past as a possible source for what happens in the present.  Often if we can start to understand the root of a problem, we are able to have more compassion for ourselves and begin the work of untangling outdated strategies for dealing with difficulty.

Asking for help can be scary, but if you are feeling stuck or confused, it might be the first step towards feeling better and living the life you want.

I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you’re in the world

– Elton John

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